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As a small business owner, I know that the pressure is tremendous and you have to wear all of the hats: sales, marketing, product development, HR, financials, the list goes on and on. Days are filled fighting fire after fire without any sustainable fixes. Things are falling through the cracks, and you are doing or managing some tasks that are not growing the business.  But, there is no way to be an expert in all of those. Therefore, it is important to have people in your corner that can help you manage and do those things that don’t fall in your expertise category. That is where Alcyon comes in.  

Alcyon can help you in two ways…Financial & Business Operations Management and Business Consulting & Advisory Services.  With Alcyon’s financial and business operations support, you can shift the burden of managing and overseeing those necessary, but non revenue generating activities, to a professional who has the passion, experience, and training to assess, manage and improve your company’s business infrastructure thus freeing you to focus on generating revenue and building the business.

If you are looking for a fresh set of eyes to review and analyze any or all aspects of your business…from financial statements to fraud prevention, then Alcyon’s Business Consulting & Advisory Services could be the answer.  As an Accredited Small Business Consultant (ASBC), Bob and Alcyon utilize a proprietary approach to review and analyze your business, and along with its broad business partner network, Alcyon will not be able to not only make solid recommendations for improvements, but will be able to identify, vet and implement the right solution. 

Bob brings over 35 years of experience helping family-owned businesses manage their business operations and identify their root issues and solve them permanently with proactive systems and processes, implemented by the right people. With his multi-faceted background in finance, HR, and operations, Bob is uniquely suited to help business owners and leaders focus on what really matters and move their business forward in real, lasting growth.

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Financial & Business Operations Management

Serve as the client’s primary resource to oversee, manage & implement stable, smooth running and efficient financial & business operations. We facilitate and expedite resolution of issues for businesses.

Business Consulting & Advisory Services

Help small business owners improve operational efficiency and maximize profit by utilizing a proprietary approach to review and analyze all aspects of a small business from financial statements to marketing to fraud prevention…and everything in between.


“Bob is a dedicated and loyal individual who will always get the job done. His diversified skills are a tremendous asset in areas of finance, human resources, insurance needs as well as operations.”

Philip Leger, Former CEO Incentive Logic

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