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How We Successfully Sold a Cell Tower Easement that Resulted in $290K of Revenue with Less than a $10K Outlay of Legal and Professional Fees


Client received a proposal to purchase a perpetual easement for a cell tower that was currently being leased and requested that this issue be looked into.

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Analyzed value of selling easement versus keeping current lease in place. Secured legal and professional advice and support.  Negotiated higher purchase price than original offer and served as primary point of contact throughout due diligence process.

Financial and Business Operations Management

Cash Flow Forecast


Company/Client was bleeding money and vendors were knocking at their door to get paid. They had a need to monitor cash on a weekly basis and to project cash inflows and outflows out on a moving 13-week period.


Researched client’s accounting records over a 12-month period to determine sources and timing of cash inflows and outflows and documented anticipated future cash flows on customized cash projection workbook. Cash flows were summarized and reconciled to the bank account balances on a weekly basis and were projected out for 13 weeks.  A process was created to update and adjust the cash projection workbook on a weekly basis.


Client was able to plan for the timing of investing excess cash as well as to secure funding as needed.

Business Consulting and Advisory Services

401(k) Plan Research & Implementation


Client inquired about the value of establishing a 401(k) plan for the company.  

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Met with owners to discuss what a 401(k) plan is and the value of establishing the plan.  Upon the decision to move forward with the plan, discovered & researched Multi-Employer 401(k) plan offered by a professional association that the Company belonged to.  Educated Company and its employees on plan and plan benefits and provided all point of contact support to 401(k) administrator to set up and implement the plan.


Successful launch of 401(k) plan with100% employee participation.


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